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Exporting Data from Job-Dox
Posted by Mark Zedwick, Last modified by Mark Zedwick on 19 July 2016 06:27 PM

Exporting Data from Job-Dox


Sometimes you need to export data from Job-Dox for use in other programs, such and quickbooks or excel. Job-Dox supports this feature via the Data Export module. After initial setup, this tool will help you format your customer's information so you can use it. 


You must have the 'Data Export' module enabled for this to work. When you click on "Apps", if "Export Data" is not available, please contact your sales representative.


1. Click on the apps icon in the top right corner.

2. Click on "Export Data".


3. If this is the first time you have used this tool you should click on the gear icon underneath "Exportable Reports". Otherwise, skip to step 6.

4. Check each setting to ensure it matches what you need in your 3rd-party program. Programs like Quickbooks can be particular about how your data imports work, so be detail oriented here.

Name Translator: Default is a simple setup, but you might try something like ${office} ${projectID} - ${projectName_reversed} to provide more detail. This field will be truncated to 40 characters automatically for compatibility with some 3rd party programs.

Job State Translator: The defaults here will likely work best

Terms: What "terms" would you like to be included for your new customer?

Job Description: If enabled, a short description of the project and work types will be included in the export

5. Click "Save".

Export Data:

6. You need to choose a report type on the left. The "New projects" export will put all projects into the export that it hasn't exported before. It will then record which projects it exported and remember that for the next time you run this type of report. 

7. It will build and save the report for up to 30 days, making it available under "Recent Reports". Use the "Click Here" link to download the CSV. This CSV is designed to be opened by programs like Quickbooks and can be corrupted by programs like Excel or Open Office. Do not allow these programs to save changes to your exported files.

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