Setup Mappings for Quickbooks Customer Imports
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Setup Mappings for Quickbooks Customer Imports


In order for Quickbooks to correctly read in data exported from Job-Dox, you must setup a mapping. This article will show you how to setup a mapping specific for project based exports, to customer imports in Quickbooks.


1. You must have a download from the Job-Dox exporter already available. See this article first if you need directions on how to export data from Job-Dox.
2. Click the "Browse" button and select the file exported by Job-Dox.
3. Click on the "Mappings" button.
4. Setup the following mappings:

Job or Customer Name => Customer Name
Billing Address 1 => billing address 1
Billing Address 2 => billing address 2
Billing Address 3 => billing address 3
Terms => terms
Job Status => job status
Job Start Date => job start date
Job Description => job description

5. Click "Save". When prompted for a Mapping Name, choose "Job-Dox - Customers"

Your import is saved. You may now proceed with the Import!

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