Importing customers/jobs to Quickbooks
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Importing customers/jobs to Quickbooks


Importing data from Job-Dox to Quickboooks can be a valuable tool to keeping your business moving forward. It can also be a frustrating process. The details found on this support site are geared towards Quickbooks Enterprise 2016, and do not apply to Quickbooks online. These instructions may also be helpful in other versions of Quickbooks, but they are not designed as such.

Before you get started, you will need to already exported data from Job-Dox. This process will create a file on your local PC that can be imported into Quickbooks. Programs that read/write csv files, such as Excel or Open Office commonly modify these files, and can corrupt your export before you get to use it. Do not save changes from to the exported file from either of these programs.


1. Open Quickbooks to the Customer Center

2. In the menu along the top of the customer center, click on 'Excel' and choose "Import from Excel".

3. Some versions of Quickbooks  will prompt you at this point to use Excel/Paste method. This is not supported by Job-Dox and is not generally faster, so click "No" if prompted.

4. "Customers" should be selected by default, so now we need to click on "Advanced Import".

5. If this is the first time you've done a Quickbooks import, you need to setup "Mappings". See this article for how to do that.

6. Click on the "Browse" button and select the file from your PC that you downloaded.

7. Click "Import".

8a. You may be prompted with a confirmation that this mapping was used on another file before. Click "Yes".

8b. Quickbooks suggests you make a backup of your company file before doing imports. This is a good idea. You will need to click "Yes" to proceed once you confirm you have a recent backup.

9. If there are any record overlaps, you will be asked how you want to handle possible conflicts. Most likely you will want to choose a method that accepts data from the import. There are several options there, choose the method you are most comfortable with.

10. You should receive a prompt that says something like "Import is finished. 'X' records have been imported and 'Y' records had errors/warnings." If you got errors, save them and review the problems it reports. You may need to double check your mappings.


You should be done, and your new customers are now available to start doing work with.

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