Viewing Items already saved in your budgets
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Viewing Items already saved in your budgets


Whether you are a project manager, accounting or the owner, you need to be able to view important details related to the budget on your project. We'll cover the quick process here on how to view uploaded invoices, cash, or credit card expenditures.


First, open the job you are looking into, and go to the budget tool. The budget tool will always open into the summary tab, but we need details on this budget, so select the name of the budget you are working in. The job shown below only has one budget, "ES", so we clicked there.

Budget Details 

In this screen shot, we are going to look for invoices, so we go to the "Vendors" column. You may can go to "In-House" column if you are looking for credit card or cash based expenditures. We've already loaded an invoice into Job-Dox under materials, so click on the box that connects "Vendors" with "Materials". These boxes will be yellow if there are pending expenses that need to be "approved".

That will open up a window with a list of all the invoices related to this budget item. As you can see, there is only one in our example, so click on the item in question.

List of Invoices


Now, you will see a new window open up with the details of that invoice. There may be a number of different action buttons here, depending on what type of budget item you are inspecting and your permission levels. In the case of our screen shot, you can Delete, Approve or Deny this invoice.

Invoice Details

You can also scroll down and view the details of the associated image here. Clicking on the image here will also allow you to download the original image so you can inspect it more closely.

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