Manage Documents
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Managing Documents


The Documents module provides several tools for you to use. This article will touch on most of the basic features of this module.


First, open up the Job-Dox website and make sure you are logged in. Documents are project specific, so open a project and then click on "Documents" in the menu bar. Your screen should look something like this. Notice that the crossed out visibility icon on a document indicates that your customers cannot view this document, even if you have given them access to the documents module.

If you have your documents sorted into multiple folders, those folders are listed down the left side, as is the tool for showing deleted documents.

In the top right corner are some icons. These icons may vary, but you should always be able to use the "Add Document" icon, and the "Email" icon. To email one or more documents, simply click the email icon, select which documents you want to send, then click "Next" in the bottom right corner. Next you will be presented with a form where you can add recipients and any important notes or information you wish to include. Then you click "Send".

To perform actions on a specific document, click on it's thumbnail to open the Document Menu.

Click the option button for the action you would like to perform.


That sums up most of the features available on Job-Dox as of version 5.0. Future support for videos, previews and additional file formats are on the way.

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