Filtering the Jobs List and Searching for Projects
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Filtering the Jobs List and Searching for Projects


After a project has been closed, you may still need to view records from that project. This article will detail how to find these closed projects;


There are three primary tools for filtering and finding projects on the dashboard. 

1) Using the quick filters across the top, you can filter the list to only show projects that are of a particular type, based on how your company works.

2) The Search icon, or magnifying glass, will allow you to search for jobs based on contacts, address, project name and more. It's a simple keyword match to help find wht you are looking for.

3) The filter icon will open a larger list or available filters. What you see here will depend on how your business is configured, but flagged jobs and can be found here, as well as jobs based on status. 

* If you are looking for jobs that you have closed, go through option 3 and open "General Filters". In there, you can select "Archive". When you click "Apply" at the top, all the jobs that are normally listed will be removed. Now you can use the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific closed job.

Demonstration Video:

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