Editing Contact Details
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Now that you have your contacts for a project stored, what do you do if something changes? Use the contact editing feature to update a contact's information, resend the invitation email without creating their account again or remove them from a project.


Edit Contact Details:

Starting from the Contacts page, click on the edit pencil in the top right corner of the contact card you want to edit.

The Edit Contact form will open with this contact's information filled in. Make the edits you need to and click Save.

Resend Invitation Email:

If the contact did not receive their invitation email or has lost it, you can resend the email without creating their contact again by clicking the "RESEND EMAIL" button on the Edit Details form.


After clicking save, the revisions to the basic information displayed should be shown. If you were resending the invitation email, check with the contact to ensure it was received.

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