Clearing the Android App Cache
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Clearing the Android App Cache


Clearing the app cache for the android app may be necessary if you are having excessive issues with stored data or the queue.  It is very simple to clear the app cache, though the process varies from device to device.  This article will detail how to clear the cache on a stock android device(E.G. not Samsung or LG).


The first thing you want to do is go to 'Settings' on your android device.  

Next, you want to find the listing for 'Apps' and tap on it.

Inside of apps, find the Job-Dox icon and tap on it.

From App Info, you want to select the 'Storage' option.

Inside the Storage option, you want to select 'Clear Data' and confirm.


To confirm clearing the cache has worked, open the Job-Dox app.  If it prompts you to log in, you have correctly cleared the cache.

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