Using Task Templates
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Task Templates are a good way to save time typing out task descriptions which can be similar. To get started using Task Templates you will need to create some, if you haven't already. Check out our article about how to Create Task Templates for help with that. This article assumes you already have some templates created and that you are familiar with how to Add a Standard Task to JobDox

Start in the New Task window. Click the icon located on the Description header.

The window that opens will have a select box from which you can pick the Template you want to use.

Once you choose the desired Template, the window will close and the name of the Template will be displayed in the Description box with the content being displayed in the Comment box.

NOTE: It is perfectly acceptable to make changes to the text from the database before saving the New Task.

Finish filling out the Task form and click save.

You just used a Task Template. Nice work!

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