Linking your Invisi-Tag account to Job-Dox
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Linking Your Invisi-Tag Account to Job-Dox


Job-Dox is proud to be able to offer your company more value by integrating our world-class project management tools with Invisi-Tag's RFID and Bluetooth based equipment tracking. With a few simple steps, you can integrate these critical tools into Job-Dox to, letting your team leverage the familiar and easy Job-Dox interface to sync inventories and simplify your use of our drying tools. 


In your Job-Dox partition, get logged in first then click on the App Drawer icon near the top right. If you don't see these icons, you may need to switch to a device with a larger screen, or maybe rotate your screen to landscape mode.

Next, you need to click on "Settings" near the bottom of the tool box that opened up.

Once you are inside the "Settings" section, click on the "Invisi-Tag" button on the left. You will be presented with the following screen.  You can check the box to enable this feature, then put in your Invisi-Tag username and password. Fill in these details and click "Save".

If the "Status" now says "Active", then Job-Dox was able to validate the credentials you provided.

The next step is to click on "Setup" on the right. When you open that window, there is a list of the enabled work types. If some of your work types don't usually have equipment deployed, then un-check those types here. That will tell Job-Dox to only create "Jobs" in Invisi-Tag when it matters. 

Secondly, you can link your offices with "Fixed Jobs" in Invisi-Tag. This is not critical at this time.

The last step is to synchronize equipment. This can best be explained by watching the video that will be posted on YouTube soon.

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