Linking your One Step GPS account with Job-Dox
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Linking Your One Step GPS Account to Job-Dox


Job-Dox is proud to be able to offer your company more value by integrating our world-class project management tools with One Step GPS's asset tracking service. With a few simple steps you can connect your accounts so that your tracked vehicles will show up inside the Job-Dox Dispatch tool and more.


The first step is to get an "API Key" from One Step GPS. You only need to contact your One Step GPS sales rep, or customer support, and let them know what you are doing. They will respond with a key that you will need in the following steps.

In your Job-Dox partition, get logged in first then click on the App Drawer icon near the top right. If you don't see these icons, you may need to switch to a device with a larger screen, or maybe rotate your screen to landscape mode.

Next, click on "Settings" near the bottom of the tool box that opened up.

Once you are inside the "Settings" section, click on the "One Step GPS" button on the left. Your menu options may look different than this screen shot, based on what features you have turned on.

On this last window, you may need to "Enable" the integration by selecting the check-box. Once that is selected, you can enter your API Key provided by One Step GPS.


Once you click "Save", Job-Dox will attempt to validate the API Key. If there is a problem with of the information you provided, the status will update to give you some details and you can try again after double-checking your API Key. Otherwise, it will say "Active". Once the status is "Active", you can click on "Trackers" on the right and link the found GPS trackers with vehicles in the Job-Dox system.

Clicking on a row will let you either link an existing vehicle with an existing tracker, or add new vehicles to Job-Dox to link the trackers to. These vehicles can also be viewed in Job-Dox view the Equipment Manager.

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