Why do some of my staff NOT receive SMS messages?
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Why doesn't my staff get SMS messages from Job-Dox?


Some members of my staff do not receive text messages from Job-Dox. In some cases, I can't even enable SMS messages in the proper section of Job-Dox. How can I solve this?


There are three reasons why someone may not receive SMS messages from Job-Dox.

1. SMS requires a mobile phone number to be filled in the proper location.

A common mistake happens when you load a staff member's Cell Phone into the phone field and leave the Cell Phone field empty.

Open the staff control panel, choose the staff member in question from the left, and click on "Edit" near the top right of the window. Make sure that you have the staff member's Cell number loaded into the proper field.

2. A staff member can disable SMS messages inside settings.

Once again, open the staff control panel, select the user in question, and click "Edit". Now, click on "Preferences", then the "Messaging" tab.

Enable any SMS message features the user might wish to receive. When you are done, click the "Save" button that appears.

3. The staff member blocked incoming SMS messages from Job-Dox

This happens then the staff member responded with "STOP" to one of the messages that Job-Dox sent. There is no indication that this happened within Job-Dox, but the staff member can test this. Have them send an SMS message containing just the word "START" to the number that you normally receive SMS messages on. All of your employees should get SMS messages from the same number. 

If you've checked these three issues and a specific user continues to not receive messages, please contact us at We will be happy to investigate the issue further.

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