Linking your jobs to Matterport
Posted by Mark Zedwick on 25 March 2020 02:13 PM

Linking your jobs to Matterport


By linking your Matterport models to Job-Dox, your staff can view the models generated there within Job-Dox and without any special apps or login details. This article will show you how to link each job to a model.


The way to Matterport API is setup, Job-Dox must find a list of existing models, and link this job to one of them. To accomplish this, open the job in question, and go to the "Matterport" menu item. If you don't see "Matterport" in the list of tools within the job, please go to "Settings" and make sure the Matterport Integration is enabled and active.

When you first open the Matterport section of the job, you will be presented with a screen that looks similar to this.

Job-Dox will show you all the models that it knows about that were created within the last 15 days, and share a zip code with the job you are looking at. If the model you created is brand new, you may need to click "Refresh" to get the latest list of models from Matterport.

You may also need to click "Expand". This button will expand the search each time you click it, first by removing the zip code limitations, then by increasing the number of days that it's looking back. When the ned modal is found, you can click "Link", then "Yes". The screen should refresh, and the model will load automatically.

Once connected, you may un-link the model using the new button on that screen, and you can link the same model to multiple jobs. You cannot link multiple models to a single job at this time. Additionally, the Matterport Job section is not available to "Contacts" (home owners, adjusters, or others), as it is currently only available to staff.

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