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Adding Journal Entry
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Adding Journal Entry


Tracking your project's progress from start to finish will often require you and your employees to add notes to a project. Whether it's a need to reschedule a visit, confirm a lock-box combination or warn others about a dog, these notes are called Journal Entries. Like a diary, they help log what is happening on this project. 


Journal Entries are added from inside the project that the note is relevant to. Open up a project, and the right entry in the newsfeed section is always the new "Journal Entry". Once you select that window, just start typing. The "Save" button will appear after you have typed a few letters, which will save your note to the system.

If you are having trouble with your internet, or are inputting your note from a mobile device and get interrupted, the system will attempt to save your progress and allow you to resume from the last time it saved your progress. This can even work across devices, like if your cell phone battery died, and you resumed your work from a desktop PC.

New Journal Entry Space


After you click the Save button, your entry will be listed as an event in the newsfeed for that job. Any user on the system with required permissions will be able to see that entry. If you, or any other user has subscribed to Journal Entry newsfeed updates, they will be notified via email.


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