Scoping and Invoicing Tools entering Beta soon
Posted by Mark Zedwick on 05 November 2018 07:38 PM
Job-Dox, using feedback from our customers, is nearing completion of the first version of a Scoping and Invoicing Tool. We are preparing to enter a closed Beta test of our new feature, and we are looking for existing customers, who would like to try it out and give us feedback on how it works thus far. We need help from you to steer the final development to ensure this is a useful advance for everyone.

You can create the pricing list, and your staff, in the field, enters the data you need to collect. Job-Dox will be able to do generate an invoice directly in their work.

You control the price list, you control the scope entries, you determine the outcome!

If you would like to see how this tool works, reach out to and we'll see about initial training, and setting you up to participate in the Beta.

-Job-Dox Development Team

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