Scoping and Invoicing 1.0 is working!
Posted by Mark Zedwick on 15 May 2019 03:36 PM

Our Scoping and Invoicing tools, while still Beta, are being used by our customers to create invoices for real projects. We have one customer who is using these new tools for all new Mitigation/ES invoices!

If you are interested in trying out our Scoping and Invoicing tool now, please reach out to and let us know, as it's still on a request-basis.

We've also learned a LOT about what this tool needs to be/do, and are now working on version 1.5 while some of the dust settles around 1.0. This update will bring in many of the requested features that came from 1.0, including the ability to save a price list to the job, maintain custom price lists for each job, build an estimate, then an invoice from the same interface, and more. Stay tuned see what's around the corner!

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