More Integrations are Coming!
Posted by Mark Zedwick on 03 March 2020 05:09 PM

Hey, everyone. We are excited to be able to start talking about some of the new stuff we have coming. We are currently in the planning stages of an integration with Matterport, and in the development stages of an integration with Quickbooks Online!


If you are using, or thinking of using Matterport, the integration will be simple. Our goal is that creating a job in Job-Dox will create a placeholder in Matterport, and when a Matterport scan is completed, you can view/share that scan from within Job-Dox, including the contact tools for Customers or Adjusters that you are already using. While we are still in the design stages for this integration right now, please let us know how important this integration is to you.

Quickbooks Online

This integration is moving along faster than originally planned. We are a few weeks from being able to turn on the most basic integration, where jobs/customers can sync to your Quickbooks Online integration. If you are interested in helping us test this before is publicly available, send an email to and let us know.

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